About Sahsen

sah·sen | ˈsɔs(ə)n | n.  🔊

Sah·sen is the name used for the hummingbird by the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest. It is admired for its agility, endurance and adaptability. In Native American legends, it is regarded as a messenger of joy, frequenting flowers to make the world a more beautiful place. Sahsen is also revered as a guide, using its boundless energy and agility to help connect people.

Our approach

Sahsen seeds and nurtures mission-driven enterprises that support Earthbound life. We invest in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors as a comprehensive means to achieve the greatest social impact. We believe certain endeavors like basic research are most effectively financed through philanthropic grants, while translational and practical implementation of new discoveries is often best scaled by for-profit companies.

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Our team

Bryan White

Chief Investment Officer

Christine White

Program Director

Rose Hendricks

Administrative Director

Siobhan Piechowski

Finance Director